Introducing 100% Vegan Sneakers

You can now customize 100% vegan sneakers with us.

Vegan means that no animal products are used in the making of the shoes. This comes with zero compromises to the quality and aesthetics.

To accomplish that, we introduced 4 vegan materials for the upper: Vegan Nappa, Vegan Soft Grain, Vegan Painted Calf and Vegan Suede. We’ve also introduced animal-free alternatives for the insole, lining and shoe laces.

All these materials are made of synthetic and plant-based materials such as polyurethane, hemp, or cotton.

All vegan materials on the 3D designing tool are marked with a green V symbol, so you can easily identify them. Vegan materials are exclusively available for Trainers, you won’t find them in other shoe categories.

Bear in mind that to design a 100% vegan sneaker you will have to use the vegan alternatives on all customizable parts.

When all conditions are met, the message “This style is 100% vegan” will appear on screen for confirmation.

At the moment, Trainers are the only shoes that can be customized 100% with vegan alternatives.

However, we will definitely continue to investigate vegan options for other shoe styles, so stay tuned.