Our Story

Our Story: True Masters Of The Craft

Dapper Lane began with a dream; to create the finest men’s shoes, mixing Italian lines and comfort with Spanish craft and tradition. Achieving this goal takes immense dedication and a zero-compromise approach to shoemaking.

Our designs are unique. We strive to find the right balance between contemporary and classic design, re-inventing the classics for men who demand something new but not over-stylized. We also pay constant attention to finding the perfect equilibrium between the last and the style of shoe.

We aim to make shoes that are incredibly comfortable to wear as quickly as possible, providing our customers the ideal blend of Italian comfort with Spanish quality and sturdiness.

Our Technology: We Are A Leather-Tech Company

We embrace technology while staying true to the craft of traditional shoemaking. Our online configurator allows tailor-made specifications. You dream it, we make it. 

We are a leather-tech company making custom handcrafted footwear and accessories using innovative processes to eliminate waste in leather goods production.

Our product line has grown to include quality custom handcrafted leather shoes, bags and accessories, and we’re finding a great sense of purpose along the way. We hope our offerings speak to your own lifestyle and goals, and invite you to share this journey with us.

This is where our team of expert shoe artisans from our factory in Spain dedicate time and energy to producing exquisite shoes from start to finish.

Our Values: Quality Over Quantity

Quality shoemaking is a disappearing art. In an era of mass-produced goods where quantity outweighs quality, Dapper Lane prioritises the latter.

Made To Order: We don't mass produce, we handcraft every footwear upon order. We don't have stock or warehouses of unsold shoes. If the precious leather is not needed, it doesn't get handcrafted.

Custom Handcrafted: Every pair is custom handcrafted for each of our customers. No two feet are exactly the same, so neither are our shoes. Every design detail is carefully considered to let the quality and fit of the shoes take center stage.

Responsible Production: We value the quality of old handcrafting tradition. Our passion for quality footwear lies deep in our support of the European artisans and master hand-crafters that we work with. That means great attention to aesthetics and quality. We are real makers. All our handcrafted shoes feature pristine Italian leather, suede and sartorial fabrics, sourced via our leather artisans from sustainable sources.

Our Journey So Far: We Are Real Shoemakers

At Dapper Lane, we believe that every man's unique personality should be given the attention it truly deserves. We accept made to order customisation to reflect the true style of our unique customers, allowing you to be part of the true shoemaking process.

The way most leather shoes and accessories are being made today is a tangled web of over production, inflated prices, middlemen and sales cycles. We handcraft every footwear to order and deliver directly to and specially for our customers.

When it comes to the art of producing exquisite leather goods, we are the astute gentlemen.