Men's Slippers

Men's Slippers

Slippers first became a prominent style for the fashionable man the way that so many menswear pieces rise in popularity – by celebrity endorsement. In this case from Prince Albert, Prince Consort of the UK in the late-1800s.

Love them or hate them, men’s dress slippers are a footwear choice quite unlike any other. Also called the dinner slipper, Prince Albert, evening slipper, tassel loafer, smoking slipper and slip-on, these elegant and indisputably ostentatious shoes are bold, brazen and utterly flexible.

Create Your Own Style

Traditionally made of suede and velvet, our Design-Your-Own customization program offers BILLIONS of different design combinations, with multiple accessories like Albert mask, tassels or metal bit. Our artisans handcraft each pair approximately in 4 to 6 weeks lead time.

Start by choosing between the three basic slipper styles: Wellington, Drake or Belgian.

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