We are thrilled to announce that we have just released Fast Lane 2.0. The ultimate capstone made-to-order (MTO) project from Dapper Lane!

What’s new in Fastlane 2.0?

Fast Lane 2.0 is basically a 1-Week rapid MTO goodyear production service, but we have vastly extended the amount of customizing features. You can now choose between 4 shoe lasts, 19 shoe styles, 14 sole units, 3 welt styles, and different types of materials. Special heel height, extra width (EE) and burnishing are also available.

How it works?

Shoe parts (uppers and soles) are partially pre-produced, and kept in-stock in our warehouse. These uppers are made of unfinished raw crust leather (no color) in order to be hand painted during the finishing process.

When a Fast Lane 2.0 order is placed, the production begins from one of those pre-manufactured upper cuts. From there, it follows the same manufacturing process as any other MTO order: the upper is molded over the last, attached to the sole, and then finished on the patina workshop.

How to Order?

Look for the Fast Lane 2.0 category on our 3D designing platform. Styles available for Fast Lane 2.0 production are dynamic, that is, they might change over time based on the available stock.

Stock can fluctuate from the moment you design the shoes and the moment you submit the payment. We strongly suggest to submit the payment as soon as possible, to avoid out-of-stock issues.

Which construction method is used?

All Fast Lane 2.0 shoes are handcrafted using Original Goodyear Welted construction.

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